NBVL Awards

If you thought the season ended with the NBVL Trophy, then you were mistaken. There was still one final tribute to the players of the Inaugural Season, sponsored by WeCoBeVo. On Friday night, the ended of season awards were handed out, recognizing the stand out performances from the regular season. Below is a list of the NBVL’s Inaugural Season award recipients.

First was the WeCoBeVo Male and Female Top Scorer awards. West Coast Beach Volleyball Society supports athletes from Western Canada who want push themselves through difficult conditions to become top performers in the sport. Top Scorer recipients exemplify this, often by thriving under the pressure of being targeted by opponents, and then going the extra mile for their team by consistently earning points defensively as well.

Winners: Female- Katie Wuttunee of Volleyball Stuff- 122Pts, Male- Murray Laidlaw of Natura Solutions- 107Pts

For the Regular Season All Stars and MVP, players and Owners involved in the Inaugural Season were asked to vote for their top 5 MVP candidates. Each 1st place vote received 5 points, 5th place votes received 1 point, giving all players an all star point total. So the MVP, 1st and 2nd Team All Stars were chosen by their peers as this seasons top performers.

  • 2nd Team All Stars:
  • Colleen Ogilvie – Dunbar Cycles – 11 MVP voting points
  • Dave Beleznay – Active ReLeaf – 11
  • Alexander Harvalias – Moveo – 18
  • Katie Wuttunee – Volleyball Stuff- 23
  • 1st Team All Stars:
  • Jonny Wiskar – Volleyball BC – 24
  • Aly McKay – Moveo – 28
  • Jared Krause – Natura Solutions – 34
  • Denise Wooding – Volleyball BC – 36

MVP: Kumiko Chow – Volleyball Stuff – 71 MVP voting points

Congratulations to all the NBVL’s award winners! And so concludes the NBVL’s Inaugural Season.

To be continued…..


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