Rules and Regulations

Updated Sept 21 2019


  • Register a minimum of 12 male and 12 female athletes to become draft eligible? per league
  • Draft eligibility: ?
  • Must be 18 years of age ?
  • Must have competed in at least one beach volleyball event in 2018/19/20
  • Must fill out draft registration form?
  • Pay $30 draft registration fee?
  • Register a minimum of 4 Franchise owners? per league city

Owner requirements?

  • Must complete ownership agreement
  • Owners will have the option to select a 1 year Franchise Ownership deal for $2000, or a 3 year Franchise Ownership deal for $4500
  • An owner may also register to play in the NBVL Inaugural Season, however will forego their second round draft pick and automatically be selected as a player to their own team


  • Draft will occur a minimum of 30 days prior to first matchup
  • All Owners must be present or have a designated representative present. Athletes are encouraged to attend
  • Each Owner will draft 6 players to their team, and their team must consist 3 Male and 3 Female players
  • Returning Owners may opt to keep 2 Players from their 2020 Teams, if the players elect to play in the 2020 season. (Player Owners will be considered kept players)
  • Kept players will replace an Owners 2nd and 1st round picks, respectively.
  • Draft Order will be determined by reversing order of finish from the previous season.
  • New Owners will pick before Returning Owners in the first round, as they have no opportunity to keep players from the previous season. If there are multiple New Owners, order will be drawn randomly prior to the draft.
  • Returning Owners who choose not to keep a player will not be given a higher draft priority
  • Serpentine draft, where Owner A picks the first athlete, and Owner X picks last in the first round, then the order will reverse during each subsequent round until all teams have a full roster.
  • Any athlete undrafted after all roster spots have been filled will be placed on Waivers, and be eligible to play in the 2020 Season
  • All athletes chosen to a team must pay $50 Activation fee to the NBVL before their first matchup


  • Each team will play in matchups (minimum of 1 matchup vs. every other team) over the course of the season, to determine their league standing
  • Teams may not use substitutions during a matchup, but may alter their lineups from matchup to matchup
  • Every team must vary their roster for each gender for at least 2 matchups during the regular season. This means that the same male and female pairs cannot play in every regular season matchup. There must be at least two matchups played with at least 1 roster change from the majority of matchups per gender.
  • Regular Season

    will be played by having the male players on each team face off against each other in a 2 set match (net height: 2.43m), and the female players on each team face off in a 2 set match (net height: 2.24m), followed by a guaranteed Overtime Set (rules below)

    • Rules of the game will follow FIVB standards, as the venue permits
    • Each set Win will earn a point for their team in the standings
    • A total of 5 points will be awarded for each Matchup
  • Playoffs

    will be played by having the male players on each team face off against each other in a regular best of 3 match (net height: 2.43m), and the female players on each team face off in a regular best of 3 match (net height: 2.24m).

    • Rules of the game for each match will follow FIVB match protocol, as the venue permits
    • If either team wins both matches they will record a Match Win for their team
    • If both teams are tied in Match Wins following Regulation Play, an overtime set will be played
  • Overtime

    will be a single set to 15 by all four teams on both courts

    • Team captains will meet with referees for coin toss winner will choose which court will play the first point AND either service/reception OR side for both genders
    • Proceed by alternating play between courts from point to point. (ex: if men serve first, they will play all odd numbered points, women will play every even numbered point)
    • If men’s team A wins a point, Women’s team A will serve for the next point
    • Server for either men’s/women’s team will remain the same only if a point is earned on the serve by both men and women consecutively (See example below from points 1-2 to 3-3)
    • It is possible for 1 male and 1 female team on opposing sides to always be serving, and their counterparts always be receiving, if teams side out with %100 efficiency until the final point
    • Change sides after the first team scores their 8th point
    • Referees will enforce 5 seconds between the end of a rally on one court to the start of the rally on the other
    • Each team will be allowed 1 timeout during OT
    • Example of 1st 10 points of an overtime set:
      Men’s player A1 serves- point team B  (0-1)
      Women’s player B1 serves – point team B              (0-2)
      Men’s player B1 serves – point team A              (1-2)
      Women’s player A1 serves – point team A              (2-2)
      Men’s player A2 serves – point team A              (3-2)
      Women’s player A1 serves – point team B              (3-3)
      Men’s player B2 serves – point team A              (4-3)
      Women’s player A2 serves – point team B              (4-4)
      Men’s player B1 serves – point team B              (4-5)
      Women’s player B2 serves – point team A              (5-5)


League play

  • The league will consist of 2 separate stages: Regular season and Playoffs
  • During the Regular Season, all teams will play an equal number of matchups vs opposing teams
  • Every Matchup in the regular season will award 5 points
    • 2 points according to the results of the men’s match
    • 2 points according to the results of the women’s match
    • 1 point for a mandatory Overtime set
  • All teams will advance to the playoff stage. Playoffs will be single knockout, if there are more than 4 teams, the highest seeded teams will playoff in an active bye round
  • Active bye: If necessary, the winner of this round will choose their opponent for the next round from the remaining playoff teams.
  • In the event of a tie between 2 or more teams at the end of the regular season, tiebreak will be resolved as follows:
    • Matchups W/L
    • Head to head record
    • Sets W/L ratio
    • Points W/L ratio
  • If possible, the league will confirm whether semi final and/or final rounds of playoffs will be played as a series of matchups or as a single matchup.
  • League champions will earn a trophy and the largest cash prize.
  • If multiple leagues exist, the winner’s of each league may earn the right to play in a Championship matchup/series

Roster Rules

  • Owners will have final say over their own team’s roster
  • Each team must contain 3 Male and 3 Female players at ALL TIMES
  • Each team must have at least 6 athletes (3M, 3F) that play a minimum of 2 matchups during the regular season
  • 2 Owners may elect to trade players from their team, but must exchange an equal number of male and/or female players on either side of the trade
  • All teams will have one IR (injury reserve) spot on the roster in case of injury. Players placed on IR must remain off roster for a minimum of 2 matchups from time of designated injury.
  • The Waivers will be comprised of all unclaimed players that have been participants in the league, including during the draft.
  • Should a team need to fill a roster spot, they must first choose from athletes found on the Waivers
  • Only if there are no players on the Waivers of the correct gender to fill a team’s roster, can an owner recruit a replacement from elsewhere
  • Undrafted players will pay $50 Activation fee only if they play in 2 or more matchups in a season
  • All acquisitions (trades/waivers) must be approved by the league
  • Trade deadline will be announced prior to the start of the regular season

Media + Sponsorship

  • Any league info can be found on the league website/facebook page
  • All matchups will be filmed and aired online via NBVL Channels (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) Live stream will be attempted, especially during playoffs
  • Media capabilities will be dependent on acquired budget, and venue restrictions
  • Owners will be permitted to source sponsorship for their own team
  • Players will be provided team uniforms (2 colors if possible).
  • Owners will be given the option to add any additional sponsorship patches to provided uniforms, free if provided before the draft, at their own expense if added after uniform order has been place.
  • Owners may also opt to provide their own team uniform, at their own expense. An NBVL logo must be attached.
  • Individual and team statistics will be recorded for the duration of the season. Official numbers will be displayed publicly on the league website

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