To inquire about becoming a sponsor, email league@nbvl.ca

Natura Solutions:

Natura Solutions Ltd. is an industry leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly enzyme based products. Natura produces and formulates many types of environmentally friendly enzymes and detergents. Find their products at http://www.natura.solutions
The Natura Solutions team have been part of the NBVL since the 2019 Inaugural Season, where they finished in 3rd Overall.

Dunbar Cycles:

Dunbar Cycles is a full-service bike shop and online store located in Vancouver BC, offering a full range of hybrids, road bikes, and mountain bikes, featuring a great selection of downhill and all-mountain bikes, all from industry-leading brands like Specialized, Devinci, Transition and Santa Cruz. Get all your cycling questions answered at http://www.dunbarcycles.com
The Dunbar Cycles team have been part of the NBVL since the 2019 Inaugural Season, where they finished 5th Overall.


Movéo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre will help clients to reach their maximal health and performance potential through the provision of comprehensive and innovative rehabilitation and sport-specific training by a skilled team of multidisciplinary health care professionals. If you need a body tune up in North Vancouver or Langley, visit http://www.moveo.ca
The Moveo team have been part of the NBVL since the 2019 Inaugural Season, where they were they became the first ever NBVL Champions

Volleyball Stuff

Volleyball Stuff has been serving Canada since 1983 through the Calgary head office located in the Volleydome, VolleyballStuff.net, and most recently through their second store in Coquitlam, BC. They offer volleyball merchandise for individual players and specialize in custom Team gear to Schools, Clubs, Recreational Leagues, Colleges and Universities across Canada. They have also uniformed the NBVL for it’s first 2 seasons. Fill all your volleyball retail needs at http://www.volleyballstuff.net
The Volleyball Stuff team have been part of the NBVL since the 2019 Inaugural Season, where they fell just short in the championship, finishing 2nd


Navas Lab is a Vancouver-based apparel company that’s committed to removing that tall-guy nuisance from your life forever. Their goal is, and will always be, to have you put on a piece of our clothing, say, ‘HOLY SH*T!’ because it fits so well, and then not spend your whole pay cheque on looking good.

navaslab.com is in their first season in the NBVL Vancouver in 2020


Pacific Coast Volleyball is a club program off-shoot of Vancouver Volleyball League. The goal remains the same as it did at the start; provide more opportunities for athletes of all ages and levels to continue participating in the sports of volleyball.  

Pacific Coast is playing in their first season of the NBVL Vancouver in 2020


We want to see kids, youth and adults enjoying playing in the sand, and see beach volleyball grow in Alberta.  From actual sandcastles, to Spikeball, to playfully learning the basics of the game, to training to be great at the game and knowing how to compete, there are so many way to Play Beach.

Play Beach is in their first season as a team in the NBVL Calgary for 2020

ACE Volleyball Club

Ace Volleyball Club is proud to be one of the largest clubs in Canada which promotes athletes to strive to be better volleyball players and citizens.   Ace strives to empower our young athletes to be strong minded, powerful leaders, and team players on and off the court.  AVC provides opportunity for players to compete in a team environment that are striving to play post secondary in Canada or U.S.

The ACE team is playing in their first season in the NBVL Calgary’s 2020 Season.

Calgary Beach Volleyball Association

The Calgary Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that has been serving volleyball enthusiasts in Calgary through its leagues and tournaments since 1990. Each season, the CBVA has over 800 participants in our leagues and tournaments. Our 19 outdoor sand courts were built by volunteers, volleyball enthusiasts and fans. The CBVA site is located at Valleyview Regional Park. The CBVA leagues and events provide a great environment for friendly competition, meeting new people and introducing new participants to the sport.

The CBVA Team is participating in their first season in the NBVL Calgary for the 2020 season.

The Volleydome

The Volleydome has 40′ high ceilings and it is insulated and heated for year-round comfort. There are four outdoor beach courts with a great view of downtown Calgary. The Volleydome takes pride in the six hardwood volleyball courts, built to NBA specifications for that ultimate playing experience. Simply put, you won’t find a better playing surface for the game of volleyball anywhere. Also check out their new location located right next to Cross Iron Mills, with even more courts to play on than the Original location. For top quality volleyball, visit http://www.volleydome.net
The Volleydome was a sponsor for the NBVL’s Inaugural Season, and will be making their first appearance as a team with the Dome Defenders in the NBVL Calgary during the 2020 Season.

The Beach YYC

Home to the NBVL Calgary for the 2020 Season.
The Beach YYC was born out of a love of being active. We recognized that there simply weren’t enough places to play in Calgary, and we wanted to provide another fun, accessible venue for Calgarians. Out of this, was born the idea of creating something that we didn’t have: an indoor beach. Somewhere to kick off your shoes and dig your feet in the sand, and then pick a sport and play that in the sand as well. We wanted to create a new place that could offer a little bit of the summer, all year. So come on in, leave your shoes at the door, and get sandy! For more information visit http://www.thebeachyyc.ca

6Pack Indoor Beach:

Home to the NBVL’s Inaugural Season and now the NBVL Vancouver 2020 Season.
Satisfying Vancouver’s craving for beach sports all year round, 6Pack Indoor Beach offers league favourites such as Volleyball and Archery Tag, programs for kids and youth, and a world-class 18,000 sq. ft. facility to host your next event. For more information visit 6packbeach.com

MVMT Labs:

MVMTLAB was born in summer 2013 out of Dr Jeff Almon’s goal to create a leading sports performance clinic where elite athletes, and the general active population, learn how to rebuild and maintain their body through sensor-motor reprogramming. We aim to discover WHY your body isn’t working like it should. Their integrated practitioners have had backgrounds in Olympic, professional and University sport who know how to treat athletes, because we are athletes. Visit mvmtlab.com for more information.
MVMT Labs is the official sponsor of the NBVL Vancouver 2020 Combine and Draft, helping NBVL athletes to be at their best while they try to get named to a team for the 2020 Season.

West Coast Beach Volleyball Society:

WeCoBeVo was created to raise funds to develop an elite athlete environment for Western Canadian beach athletes to train and thrive on the West Coast. Their overall goal is to see the entire beach volleyball community become more cohesive and evolve so that the West Coast of Canada is recognized as a place for kids, youth and adults of all levels to enjoy beach volleyball! Interested in supporting WeCoBeVo, then visit http://www.wecobevo.com
WeCoBeVo was the Official sponsor for the NBVL Inaugural Season Awards Night in 2019. Thanks to them, Top performing athletes from the Inaugural season go the recognition they deserved.

Volleyball BC

Volleyball BC is a non-profit organization that actively encourages participation and fosters the development of volleyball in BC.  As a provincial sport governing body, we are dedicated to making volleyball accessible to all British Columbians. Volleyball BC offers programs for athletes of all ages ranging from grassroots to high performance, as well as coaches and officials. As part of our mission, Volleyball BC is proud to host provincial, national and international events to showcase the sport of volleyball to all members of our province.

Volleyball BC represented with a team in the Inaugural Season, where they finished 3rd. In 2020 they are still involved in the NBVL through access to VBC services and providing referees.

Volleyball Alberta

Incorporated in 1974, Volleyball Alberta is the official governing body and provides the organizational structure for the sport of Volleyball in the province of Alberta. Volleyball Alberta is involved in every facet of the sport by running programs at all levels both indoors and in the rapidly growing area of Beach Volleyball. We provide all Alberta residents with fair and equal access to participation and personal growth through recreational, competitive, elite, instructional, administrative, coaching and officiating programs.

Volleyball Alberta has been on board with the NBVL since the NBVL Calgary started in 2020.