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Sep 18, 2019 | NBVL

Where would sports be without rivalries? Leafs vs Habs, Lakers vs Celtics, Federer vs Nadal. It’s great to root for the home team, but it’s so much greater when they’re pitted against their arch nemesis. It adds another level to sports for everyone involved. Teams and athletes are willing to give that little bit of extra effort. Fans benefit from seeing the extra fire on the court. Those tense moments that show up in any sport become INtense when that extra bit of pride that comes from beating a rival is on the line.

Often they stem from greatness. the most recognizable ones at least. When two teams/athletes are so consistently great that they meet year after year, final after final. Drama thrives when athletes are constantly jockeying for the top spot in their respective sports. Though we don’t want to see a repeat of the Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan ordeal, we do want to see our favorite athletes go to great lengths on the court/field/pitch/etc to take down their bitter foe. And when the great teams are no longer great, their rivalries live on through their fanbases. Will Volleyball Stuff have a little extra motivation to take out Moveo this season? It’s possible!

Another reason for teams to butt heads is proximity. The closer two teams are to one another, the easier it is for opposing fanbases to come into contact with one another. “My city is better than your city” leads to “My team is better than your team”, which then often becomes too laden with profanities to quote any further in this article. The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have only met in the playoffs twice in the last 98 years, and yet they’re one of the most heated rivalries in sports, due in large part to the short 3.5 hour transit from Lambeau to Soldier Field. Like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

So here’s hoping that the introduction of the NBVL Calgary will be the beginnings of a beautiful enmity. May both Calgarians and Vancouverites laud their superior talent, and jostle over who will reign supreme and hoist the yet to be named NBVL Trophy. Vancouver teams have the advantages of experience and community, having already played one season in the league, and a strong caliber of events during the summer. Calgarians on the other hand are resourceful and adaptive, thanks to unpredictable weather, Calgarians are ready for anything and are always able to weather a storm.

As of right now, the NBVL Vancouver is leading the preseason. Registering players at about double the rate of NBVL Calgary. The leading cause is likely awareness. Players in the Inaugural season in Vancouver have been eagerly awaiting the second installment, whereas in Calgary, it’s fresh news, word still needs to spread. For those of you looking forward to the NBVL coming to Calgary this winter, whether you intend to Own a team, play, or support, you can get involved right now by simply spreading the news. We want the best talent in the Calgary area, so we need everyone to hear about it. Share this post, tell a friend, or simply have a discussion about the league. Every little bit helps. Let’s build this rivalry one conversation at a time.

The Regular Season schedules are now available for both Vancouver and Calgary Leagues. All teams will play every game day during the Regular Season, but players are not required to participate in every game. NBVL Vancouver Calendar, NBVL Calgary Calendar

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