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Over the next few weeks leading into the NBVL Calgary and Vancouver Seasons, we’ll be giving a little preview of each team, and who you can look forward to season in each league this winter.

We’ll start things off in Calgary, where all our team’s are brand new. Our first team preview, as this story’s title suggests, is ACE. Click to view ACE team page


Owned by David Wildman, CEO and founder of ACE volleyball Club, and coached by Joanna Korzeniewski, currently an assistant coach at SAIT. The pair were both in attendance for the Combine and Draft, and put their head’s together to build the team that will play in ACE’s black and red uniforms this season.

Megan Nagy – 2nd Overall

Megan has the most FIVB beach experience amongst all eligible athletes in Calgary, having played in 20 FIVB events. She’s been a member of the Canadian National team since 2014, and as the 2nd overall pick, will look to be a dominant force in Calgary.

Jaimie Thibeault – 7th Overall

While Megan hosts a wealth of beach experience, Jaimie exceeds it with her experience on the indoor side. A 7 year member of the Canadian National indoor team, Jaimie is transitioning to the beach game with loads of potential. Pairing her with strong beach veteran teammates in Megan and Jolan Storch to be mentioned later, was a savvy move by ACE management.

Thomas Haight – 10th Overall

All pictures from the draft were taken by @_joylanphotography on instagram

ACE opted to wait until their 3rd pick to take their first male player, but Thomas has been a strong presence in the Sandblaster community, with multiple finals appearances. He also had a strong showing in both play and physical testing portions of the Combine, which likely led to the high pick.

Alex Bader – 15th Overall

Alex also impressed during the combine, with the fastest time overall in the agility, and the 3rd highest block/spike touches. Alex has also been a regular performer in Sandblasters and beach volleyball in Alberta. He’s also no stranger to new exciting volleyball formats, having played in India’s new pro league format that happened last year, so the NBVL should be easy to adapt to.

Jolan Storch – 18th Overall

Jolan as a third female pick might be the most shrewd decision that ACE made on draft night. Her experience should be a big help to the team, especially for Jaimie, who’s new to the beach. She’s faced every type of opponent, and so won’t be intimidated when called upon, which could be early on, since Megan will need to miss a game here and there.

Joel Zindel – 23rd Overall

ACE’s strategy for the male players seemed to be all about athleticism, with Zindel as their third male option. Another strong Combine performer, rounds out this team as very all around athletic, mainly in the agility department, where he was 3rd fastest overall. Joel brings an international flair to the team, with a bunch of Swiss B-1 Tour experience.

Team Summary

ACE has a very experienced female core, with an athletic male team to round them out. If they can all get on the same page quickly, the women could be tough for any opponents to take down. The men will need to rely on their speed and athleticism to outmaneuver some of the more experienced teams in the league.

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