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Dec 30, 2019 | NBVL

The final team preview for the NBVL Vancouver is the reigning runners up, Volleyball Stuff. In the Inaugural Season, this team looked unstoppable, and their women’s team (Chow/Wuttunee) were the only undefeated team during Regulation Play (before overtime) throughout the season. But they were toppled in the final, in heartbreaking fashion, a 16-14 Overtime defeat to Moveo. They’ll be looking for redemption in the 2020 season.


Sanjiv Jasra is the Vancouver based managing partner for Volleyball Stuff and the team’s owner, Sanjiv was responsible for getting the main uniforms made up for all of the NBVL Teams. Chrissy Benz is the GM for the Volleyball Stuff team, bringing expertise from her past roles in Volleyball Canada working with the beach and indoor teams, and her current role as alumni relations manager in athletics & recreation with UBC.

Kumiko Chow – Kept Player

As previously mentioned, Chow and former partner Wuttunee were unstoppable. During regulation match play they were unblemished, falling only in Overtime situations. Taken as the 1st overall pick, and then named as the Inaugural Season MVP, Kumi took home all of the accolades in 2019. All except for 1, the NBVL Championship trophy. Volleyball Stuff couldn’t say no to keeping the defending MVP, and they’re hoping that she’ll be able to pick up where she left off, and march them right back into the 2020 finals.

Joanna Braun – 5th overall

Volleyball Stuff’s 1st pick at 5th overall was Joanna Braun, another strong performer from the NBVL’s Inaugural Season, and the overall Vancouver beach scene. Braun has been a consistent presence at kits, as a founding member of the KWVC and a past finalist of the Vancouver Open. Jo finished 3rd overall last season for Natura, with top 6 numbers in 4 statistical categories (Pts, K, A, D). She also has a history of success in the summer with Volleyball Stuff team mate Chow, so they’ll be looking for chemistry to be a big factor.

Aleksandar Borisov – 8th overall

Borisov has shown himself to be a big jumper. Not only while he recorded the highest spike touch in back to back combines, but he also while making the biggest leap from the Inaugural Season draft (going undrafted) to present, where Volleyball Stuff selected him 8th overall in the 2nd round. The highest selection of all of the 5 athletes representing the Pacific Elite Beach Training group in the NBVL (check them out @pacificelitebeach). It may be Borisov’s first season playing in the NBVL, but he’ll play a big role for the men of Volleyball Stuff.

Alexander Harvalias – 17th overall

Harv was fantastic in the Inaugural Season for Moveo, especially in the Overtime comeback that sealed the deal over this very Volleyball Stuff team in last year’s finals. Wanting to capture some of that success for themselves, Volleyball Stuff grabbed the 2nd team all-star with their 3rd pick. Harv really stood out as one of the top defenders in the Inaugural Season, leading the league in total digs with 67 during the regular season and playoffs, combined. He’ll look to pick up right where he left off as Champion of the NBVL Inaugural Season.

Tamiko Young – 20th overall

Tamiko adds another layer of experience to the Volleyball Stuff women. In the Inaugural Season she was 4th among women, averaging 2 blocks per game for Active ReLeaf. Tamiko is another regular on the BC beach scene, with several quarter finals appearances on the KWVC and BC Beach tours, and 17th place finishes at the last 2 Vancouver Opens. Tamiko could be called upon to put up a wall in front of her defensive minded team mates, against some of their big hitting opponents this season.

Erland Polden – 29th Overall

Polden was the big mystery of the 2020 NBVL Draft. An import from Norway, not much was known about Polden’s playing ability. This could be the management move of the season, as Erland has been trained by some very accomplished coaches from his homeland, including Espen Sorum, who currently coaches the world’s top Norwegian duo. All eyes will be on Polden when he first takes to the sand for Volleyball Stuff, to see if he’ll be a difference maker.

Team Summary

Volleyball Stuff has an experienced women’s group, and an untested men’s squad. The women have the most combined experience in the NBVL Vancouver, and a lot of pre-established chemistry which should be of great benefit to them early in the season. Lack of size from their top 2 picks could leave them vulnerable, but Young should fill that hole if they struggle in the early season. The men are hard to predict, they will likely have a youthful energy coming into the season with Borisov and Harv, which should serve them well, and Polden could provide the X-Factor, but this is a team that will be worth checking out to see what surprises they have in store.

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