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Sep 28, 2022 | NBVL

The KWVC Season Ender has ended, The SMG has come and gone, and the last Sandblaster has blasted off. The 2022 summer jam packed with local beach volleyball has officially come to a close in Western Canada. After a couple of years filled with tentative schedules, and the notable absence of bigger events like the Vancouver Open, it was a great relief to be able to welcome back a full season of competition across all of the various platforms. All of the organizers, associations, facilities, and volunteers put their best feet forward to get people on the sand, and the appreciation was shown with record turnouts week in and week out.

Photo from KWVC Season Ender

The 2022 season may be done, but for those of you who are still itching with beach volley fever, let the NBVL be the first to give the update on what to look forward to in our 2023 seasons. Registration for the next Vancouver season is just around the corner.

First order of business: We’re bringing the NBVL Vancouver season back to the winter. Spring season was fun, and while we liked some of the new additions to the league, the spring schedule had it’s challenges. From a cold and rainy beginning, to an end of schedule packed side by side with newly added SMG’s. We’ve decided the winter time fits best for what our league can offer to the already well established Vancouver beach volleyball community. So for those of you keeping track of the next Vancouver season, here are the dates you need to know for the 2023 season. It will be here before you know it, so set your calendars:

October 1st, 2022: Registration Opens
October 8th, 2022: Player Signing Opens
November 27th, 2022: Player Signing Closes
November 30th, 2022: Player Registration Closes
December 3rd, 2022: NBVL Vancouver KOB/QOB/Combine
December 3rd, 2022: NBVL Vancouver Draft for new and unsigned players
January 13th, 2023: 2023 Season Begins

All eyes will be on Vancouver to start 2023 and just like last year, we’ll be using a player signing process and the KOB/QOB Combine format, which are all detailed here. One addition for Vancouver’s 2023 season is that there is a new face in the front office: Vancouver’s new League Director Jordan McConkey. Jordan stepped in last season as a court manager, and for 2023 he will be taking on the lead role. He has a history with team Canada men’s indoor volleyball, and currently works as a financial advisor. Most of all he’s passionate about growing the game of volleyball in Canada, and building the NBVL.

Vancouver will take center stage during the Winter, but will be followed in the late Spring/early Summer by Calgary, and we are looking to move ahead with seasons in 2 other cities to be announced in future posts, so stay tuned. Each league will then culminate in an NBVL Finals between all 4 City Champions.

Since our inaugural NBVL season in 2019, the NBVL has been steadily building year by year, even with a pandemic adding some extra challenges in the previous few seasons. Now that things are relatively stable again, the 2023 season is shaping up to be our biggest and best one yet!

We are really looking forward to providing a competitive and professional atmosphere for all NBVL athletes and sponsors to enjoy, and feedback is welcomed and encourage. If you have any questions or concerns about the 2023 season, please let Jordan know by email before November 27th, 2022. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring or being a part of the NBVL, or if you have any questions about the league, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

NBVL Vancouver contact: jordan@nbvl.ca
NBVL general contact: league@nbvl.ca

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