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On the Precipice

The combine and draft are less than a month away, and as always, there’s a sense of excitement in the air. This year, however, it’s mixed with a sense of unease, as Covid-19 number are beginning to swell worldwide. As has been the case with many things...


Summer 2021 Teams


Owner: C-era Medical Clinic inc.

General Manager: Will Young

Coach: Erik Peterson


Claire Crossfield

Scott Lahey

Adriel Goodman

 Joshua Woelfel

Matthew Jose

Madison Hayley 

Cardan Cobras

Owner: Marc Brown

GM: Dan Padva

Colton De Man

Jarron Mueller

Natasha Gordey

Jordan Brown

Melissa Monkhouse

Nicolas Desfeux 

Dome Defenders

Owner: Camille Saxton

GM: Don Saxton

Camille Saxton

Ben Saxton

Aadam Nanji

Julie Pawlychyn

Mac MacNicol

Jolan Storch 


Owner: Pieter Boehkoff


Pieter Boekhoff

Megan Nagy

Colleen Ogilvie

Adam McDougall

Samuel Brisbane

LeAnne Padva 

Pursuit Volley

Owner: Ken McLaughlin


Alissa Coulter

Kristen Moncks

Alex Bell-Morato

Hamish Hazelden

Jon Isaacs

Alex Sinik



Owners: Ana Burnside, Stephanie Burnside

Stephanie Burnside

Luis Castillo

Ashtyn McKenzie

Alex Bader

Avery Kelly

Tucker Leinweber 

NBVL Highlights

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